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Dr. Klaus Hahn
Thurman Professor of Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology
CB# 7365
UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Positions Available

US News & World Report ranks UNC Pharmacology as #3 in the world in their "Best Global Universities" ranking.
UNC Pharmacology ranks #4 nationwide in total funding.

Dr. Hahn welcomes applications from creative scientists in any area relevant to our work. Currently advertised positions and areas of interest are listed below. To apply, please send a CV and letter describing your goals and research plans to Dr. Hahn at khahn[at]med.unc.edu.

new approaches:

  • Novel designs for biosensors and optogenetics
  • Engineered control of proteins, including projects to understand and design allostery
  • Novel reporter dyes and methods for protein labeling in cells. Applicants must be experienced in multi-step organic synthesis.
  • High throughput screening approaches combined with protein modeling, to develop proteins for visualization and control of signaling networks
  • Collaborative projects, interfacing our work in live cell imaging with image analysis laboratories (Danuser- UTSW, Elston-UNC, Tsygankov- Emory/Georgia Tech) and microscope development (Superfine - UNC, Gratton - UCI, Betzig – Janelia Farm).  See ad below for project with Tim Elston of UNC.


  • Signaling at cell-cell interfaces, investigated using single molecule biosensor imaging and optogenetics
  • Biology of platelet production
  • Signaling in cell morphodynamics
  • Adhesion signaling and the role of mechanical force in the tumor microenvironment

Microscope Engineer/Imaging Technician.
Seeking technician interested in playing a major role in introducing new microscopes into an imaging-focused laboratory,  building and maintaining these microscopes, and working with lab members on advanced microscopy techniques. Applicant can be trained in any necessary area, but experience in the following would be valuable: imaging of biological samples, engineering/optics/microscope automation experience, computer programming, tissue culture. A bachelor’s or master’s level degree in biology, physics, engineering, computer science, chemistry or any other related discipline is required. Salary is dependent on experience and background. This position, though centered in the Hahn lab, will involve interactions between Hahn lab and other labs to jointly develop, build or apply microscopes. Collaborations are currently with the Advanced Imaging Center of Janelia Farm and the lab of Richard Superfine in the CISMM Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. For more info see hahnlab.com, janelia.org/open-science/advanced-imaging-center-aic, cismm.cs.unc.edu.

Modeling and Image Analysis of Motility Signaling Networks. The labs of Drs. Tim Elston and Klaus Hahn are seeking a postdoctoral research associate to develop mathematical models and image analysis tools to investigate molecular mechanisms that regulate the spatiotemporal dynamics of signaling during cell migration. The Hahn lab engineers proteins to monitor and control signaling networks in living cells and animals. The goal of this project is to combine these experimental approaches with quantitative image analysis and biophysical models developed in the Elston lab to elucidate coordination of cytoskeletal and membrane dynamics during migration, particularly in the tumor microenvironment. This position is funded by grants through the National Institutes of Health and the Army Research Office. US News & World Report ranks UNC Pharmacology as #3 in the world in their "Best Global Universities" ranking. UNC-Chapel Hill is located in central North Carolina midway between the coastal island beaches and the Smoky Mountains National Park. It is in a center of academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research, neighboring Duke, NC State, and the Research Triangle. Relevant references: Cell, 149(2):322-33, 2012; J Cell Biol, 204(3):443-60, 2014; Nature, 461(7260):99-103, 2009; Nature, 461(7260):104-8, 2009. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 111(34):12420-5, 2014; Nat Chem Biol, 10(4):286-90, 2014. Please contact: Dr. Tim Elston at telston@med.unc.edu or Dr. Klaus Hahn at khahn@med.unc.edu

Our Location, Directions and Parking

4th Floor Genetic Medicine Building
120 Mason Farm Rd.
UNC-Chapel Hill Campus

Dr. Hahn's Office: 4043 Genetic Medicine
Lab: 4022 Genetic Medicine

Directions & Parking

From Interstate 40 East (from Raleigh, RDU Airport and points east)
From Interstate 85 South (coming from Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro)
From Interstate 85 North (from Durham and points north)
From 15-501 South (from Pittsboro, Chatham Co. and points south)
From Hwy 54 West (Chatham Co., Orange Co., Allamance Co. and points west)


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Map to Manning Drive and UNC (map courtesy of MapQuest)
Map from Dogwood Parking Deck to Genetic Medicine Building
Google map showing location of Genetic Medicine Building on UNC campus

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