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cell cinema

Click link or image to view movies. Chosen simply because they are fun to watch.

Dyes & Dye-based biosensors

Cdc42 activation in RhoA-inhibed cell; meroCBD biosensorCdc42 activation in RhoA-inhibited cell; meroCBD biosensor
by Perihan Nalbant and Louis Hodgson
(Science, 305:1615-1619, 2004.)
Dye on ERK2Merocyanine dye on phospho-ERK2
by Alexei Toutchkine and Brenda Temple

Image and data analysis

Dye on ERK2 Sampling windows track the cell edge for localized assessment of biosensor activity - MOVIE ON THE WAY
developed by our collaborators in the Danuser lab
(Nature, 461: 99-103, 2009.)
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