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Hahn lab DNA constructs are available at “Addgene”  (http://www.addgene.org/Klaus_Hahn). Addgene is a nonprofit that produces the constructs with good quality control.

Check back please. Recent, submitted work from our laboratory has focused on new biosensors, biosensor approaches, and means to control proteins with light and small molecules.

When tools are applied to new questions, we sometimes find that things do not work as expected. We would very much appreciate your letting us know when this happens. We may be able to help (given what we are learning from other collaborators and from new experiments) and your experience could help us better understand and/or improve the tools.

START HERE: Molecular tools listed by protein target - link >


Genetically encoded tools

Dyes and their applications: dye-based biosensors, drug screening, protein function...

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